The Willkommen grid serves to introduce new arrivals to Virtual Harmony’s community. The grid is situated in an alpine valley offering a visitor’s lodge wherein small groups of friends can gather and enjoy fellowship sitting around a stone fireplace. The Welcome grid lodge also serves as the community’s family room for celebrating communal holidays. The grid also offers a St. Lidwina chapel and frozen pond for ice skating along with a ski slope for downhill skiing. Snowmobiles and sleigh rides can also be used to explore the alpine valley.

“Friendship is a relationship that has no formal shape, there are no rules or obligations or bonds as in marriage or the family, it is held together by neither law nor property nor blood, there is no glue in it but mutual liking. It is therefore rare.”
― Wallace Stegner, Crossing to Safety

The Frost performs its secret ministry,
Unhelped by any wind. The owlet’s cry
Came loud–and hark, again! loud as before.
The inmates of my cottage, all at rest,
Have left me to that solitude, which suits
Abstruser musings: save that at my side
My cradled infant slumbers peacefully.
~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 1708

Alpine welcome map
Ski lodge area
St. Lidwina Chapel