Project Description


The Mars grid supports the Mars Expedition simulation. The simulation, in partnership with NASA JPL, was the grand prize winner for the  inaugural Federal Virtual Worlds Challenge. The simulation continues to evolve each year with additional levels of play and support offered by a neural net to help interpret and offer guidance to players. Gameplay starts at the Huffman Grid involving mission preparation for journeying to Mars, understanding how to use virtual systems (e.g., rockets, cyber networks, communication systems, and an AI kiosk). Participants then take a rocket to the ISS and proceed on to Mars for landing at a surface scientific station to further explore and address challenges presented to them during gameplay. In addition to learning about a variety of challenges associated with human space flight players also can learn about the differences between complicated and complex problems and how best to frame approaches for addressing each as they encounter challenges. The simulation can be played by teams or individuals over an extended time.


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