The Planetarium Plaza grid is a honorary immersive 3D-sim exploratory environment in memory of Dr. Barbara Truman. The grid supports special events highlighting the spirit of ‘dare mighty things’ with transdisciplinarity.

The grid is situated in a virtual replication of a small part of Paris to honor Dr. Truman’s time spent in France and inspiration she drew from Parisian sources. Beneath the streets of Paris in the grid there is a vast underground plaza facility housing a visitor’s center and planetarium.

Visitors to the grid have access to a virtual radio telescope, a virtual planetarium offering a variety of controls for planetary demonstrations, and an assortment of inspirational STEM displays representing the work of Dr. Barbara Truman and her research in transdisciplinarity.

Visitors can access interactive 360-degree videos along with 3D models from the Planetarium Plaza grid. A wide assortment of 360-degree videos are offered at the hospitality suite located in the main Plaza building providing access to the planetarium.

Screen snapshots from the grid