The Tranquility grid offers virtual water-based interactive 3D simulations situated in an ‘out-of-this-world’ tropical island. Visitors can surf, sail, scuba dive, play a game of volley ball, and take in a fire works show later in the evening while relaxing with virtual surfers around a beach campfire. The legacy of Bruce and Pat Brown are highlighted at the grid for their inspiration to generations of surfers.

The grid supports an annual virtual surfing contest. An assortment of surfboards are provided for use. Each surfboard provides settings to adjust for wave speed. Various wave sizes (including an enormous pipeline wave) are offered too for developing virtual surfing skills while having great fun!

Sloops are also offered at the grid for sailing. Along with the surfing contest there is an annual sloop race. Sloop race participants have their performance data analyzed for assessing accuracy, speed, and maneuverability skills across the sailing course.