Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the genesis of Virtual Harmony's community focus on designing and prototyping learning simulations?
Response: Virtual Harmony's community approach to prototyping grew initially out of collaborative efforts among educators associated with the Cognition and Instructional Technology Laboratory (CITL). Today, community membership spans several universities, organizations, and civic groups.

Question: Who can join Virtual Harmony as members of the community?
Response: Invitations generally are offered by Virtual Harmony educators to colleagues, students, and family.

Question: Can my avatar build in-world within Virtual Harmony?
Response: Yes, if you join the Harmony group as a resident of Virtual Harmony.

Question: How do I become a resident of Virtual Harmony?
Response: You can make a request to one of our in-world stewards who can then grant resident permissions.

Question: Can I use any OpenSim compatible viewer for connecting to Virtual Harmony?
Response: Yes. We recommend, however, the use of the Singularity or Firestorm viewer.

Question: Do members of Virtual Harmony collaborate and participate outside of the virtual environment at real-life events?
Response: Yes, members of Virtual Harmony often present together at professional conferences and publish papers and books.

Question: Can I hyper-grid teleport from another Open Simulator grid to Virtual Harmony as a visitor?
Response: Yes, Virtual Harmony is open to visitors.

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