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The AI Strategy and Concepts (AI S&C) Hub is used to inquire, learn, evaluate, and apply advances in the use of human-artificial intelligence (AI) teaming. The site supports short online seminars, webinars, simulations, and access to shared wargames used to introduce, prototype, evaluate, and apply advances in human-AI teaming to strategy and concepts. The AI S&C Hub also examines and evaluates challenges associated with establishing trustful and reliable AI applications in support of human decisionmaking.

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Cognition of war

The cognition of war addresses the mental work or cognition of war (making use of developed mental aptitude in the art of war). Starting with the work of Herbert Simon in "bounded ratio...


Decisionmaking with human-AI teaming

This seminar examines the interplay between human and AI information processing, cognizer processes, and decisionmaking in how they operate. Application of research insights are offered for ...


Introduction to AI, machine learning, and deep learning, in support of human-AI teaming

This seminar introduces AI and its intertwined relationship with cognitive psychology and neurosciences. Participants can gain a deeper understanding of how ideas from one of the contriburting fi...


Plum Blossoms Revised

Interactive multi-modal simulation.