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Boyd, J. (1987). Destruction and creation. US Army Comand and General Staff College Leavenworth, WA.  
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Dai, W.-Z., Xu, Q., Yu, Y., & Zhou, Z.-H. (2019). Bridging machine learning and logical reasoning by abductive learning. 33rd Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems,  
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DU SAUTOY, M. (2019). Creativity code: How ai is learning to write, paint and think. FOURTH ESTATE Limited.  
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Gladwell, M. (2006). The tipping point: How little things can make a big difference. Little, Brown.  
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Hammond, G. (2001). The mind of war: John boyd and american security. Smithsonian Institution.  
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Johnson-Laird, P. N. (1983). Mental models: Towards a cognitive science of language, inference, and consciousness. Harvard University Press.  
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Kneece, J. (2001). Ghost army of world war ii. Pelican Publishing.  
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Lehman, J., Clune, J., Misevic, D., Adami, C., Altenberg, L., & Beaulieu, J., et al. (2020). The surprising creativity of digital evolution: A collection of anecdotes from the evolutionary computation and artificial life research communities. Artificial life, 26(2), 274–306.  
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Mahadevan, S. 2018, Imagination machines: A new challenge for artificial intelligence. Paper presented at Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence.  
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Mawhorter, P. A. (2016). Artificial intelligence as a tool for understanding narrative choices. University of California, Santa Cruz.  
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Nakamura, K. (2021). Information seeking criteria: Artificial intelligence, economics, psychology, and neuroscience. Reviews in the Neurosciences,  
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National Academies of Sciences Engineering, & Medicine. (2018). Learning from the science of cognition and perception for decision making: Proceedings of a workshop. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.  
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Pitso, T. (2019). Shared futures: An exploration of the collaborative potential of intelligent machines and human ingenuity in cocreating value. In Toward Super-Creativity-Improving Creativity in Humans, Machines, and Human-Machine Collaborations IntechOpen.  
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Richards, C. (2020). Boyd’s ooda loop. Necesse,  
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Simon, H. A. (1993). Strategy and organizational evolution. Strategic management journal, 14(S2), 131–142.  
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Snowden, D., & Bertsch, B. (2021). Cynefin: Weaving sense-making into the fabric of our world.  
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