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Aggarwal, A., Chauhan, A., Kumar, D., Mittal, M., & Verma, S. (2020). Classification of fake news by fine-tuning deep bidirectional transformers based language model. EAI Endorsed Transactions on Scalable Information Systems Online First; EAI: Ghent, Belgium.  
10/28/20, 1:54 PM
Ali-Tolppa, J., Kocsis, S., Schultz, B., Bodrog, L., & Kajo, M. 2018, Self-healing and resilience in future 5g cognitive autonomous networks. Paper presented at 2018 ITU Kaleidoscope: Machine Learning for a 5G Future (ITU K).  
9/7/21, 9:03 AM
Amir, O., Grosz, B. J., Gajos, K. Z., & Gultchin, L. (2019). Personalized change awareness: Reducing information overload in loosely-coupled teamwork. Artificial Intelligence, 275, 204–233.  
9/14/21, 4:04 PM
Aversa, P., Cabantous, L., & Haefliger, S. (2018). When decision support systems fail: Insights for strategic information systems from formula 1. The Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 27(3), 221–236.  
3/29/21, 5:21 PM
Bommasani, R., Hudson, D. A., Adeli, E., Altman, R., Arora, S., & von Arx, S., et al.. (2021). On the opportunities and risks of foundation models. arXiv preprint arXiv:2108.07258.  
8/23/21, 11:56 AM
Carvalho, G., Cabral, B., Pereira, V., & Bernardino, J. (2020). Computation offloading in edge computing environments using artificial intelligence techniques. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 95, 103840.  
8/12/20, 9:55 AM
Chen, B., Wu, H., Mo, W., Chattopadhyay, I., & Lipson, H. 2018, Autostacker: A compositional evolutionary learning system. Paper presented at Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference.  
11/26/20, 2:24 AM
Crowder, J. A., Carbone, J., & Friess, S. (2020). Abductive artificial intelligence learning models. In Artificial Psychology (pp. 51–63). Springer.  
8/30/21, 9:25 AM
Deng, S., Zhao, H., Fang, W., Yin, J., Dustdar, S., & Zomaya, A. Y. (2020). Edge intelligence: The confluence of edge computing and artificial intelligence. IEEE Internet of Things Journal.  
8/12/20, 9:34 AM
Devlin, J., Chang, M.-W., Lee, K., & Toutanova, K. (2018). Bert: Pre-training of deep bidirectional transformers for language understanding. arXiv preprint arXiv:1810.04805.  
10/28/20, 4:47 PM
Du, K. L., & Swamy, M. N. S. (2019). Neural networks and statistical learning. Springer London.  
7/9/20, 10:26 AM
Dulhanty, C., Deglint, J. L., Daya, I. B., & Wong, A. (2019). Taking a stance on fake news: Towards automatic disinformation assessment via deep bidirectional transformer language models for stance detection. arXiv preprint arXiv:1911.11951.  
10/28/20, 4:50 PM
Feng, Z., Xiaofeng, H., Lin, W., Xiaoyuan, H., & Shengming, G. (2016). Inspiration for battlefield situation cognition from ai military programs launched by darpa of usa and development of ai technology. In Theory, methodology, tools and applications for modeling and simulation of complex systems (pp. 566–577). Springer.  
2/4/21, 10:30 AM
Fernando, T., Denman, S., Sridharan, S., & Fookes, C. (2018). Learning temporal strategic relationships using generative adversarial imitation learning. arXiv preprint arXiv:1805.04969.  
1/4/22, 5:40 AM
Ferreira, P. V. R., Paffenroth, R., Wyglinski, A. M., Hackett, T. M., Bilen, S. G., & Reinhart, R. C., et al.. (2018). Multiobjective reinforcement learning for cognitive satellite communications using deep neural network ensembles. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 36(5), 1030–1041.  
4/26/21, 9:21 AM
Franklin, N. T., Norman, K. A., Ranganath, C., Zacks, J. M., & Gershman, S. J. (2020). Structured event memory: A neuro-symbolic model of event cognition. Psychological Review, 127(3), 327.  
11/26/20, 2:50 AM
Fugate, S., & Ferguson-Walter, K. (2019). Artificial intelligence and game theory models for defending critical networks with cyber deception. AI Magazine, 40(1), 49–62.  
10/28/20, 1:50 PM
Gia, T. N., Nawaz, A., Querata, J. P. N., Tenhunen, H., & Westerlund, T. 2019, Artificial intelligence at the edge in the blockchain of things. Paper presented at International Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare.  
8/12/20, 9:42 AM
Habib, N. (2019). Hands-on q-learning with python: Practical q-learning with openai gym, keras, and tensorflow. Packt Publishing.  
7/9/20, 10:32 AM
Hammerstrom, D. 2015, Darpa neurocomputing. Paper presented at 2015 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM).  
2/4/21, 10:34 AM
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