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Aberdeen, D., Thi'ebaux, S., Zhang, L., & others. 2004, Decision-theoretic military operations planning.. Paper presented at ICAPS.  
6/30/20, 9:40 AM
Agadakos, I., Agadakos, N., Polakis, J., & Amer, M. R. 2020, Chameleons' oblivion: Complex-valued deep neural networks for protocol-agnostic rf device fingerprinting. Paper presented at 2020 IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy (EuroS&P).  
10/4/21, 4:22 PM
Ali-Tolppa, J., Kocsis, S., Schultz, B., Bodrog, L., & Kajo, M. 2018, Self-healing and resilience in future 5g cognitive autonomous networks. Paper presented at 2018 ITU Kaleidoscope: Machine Learning for a 5G Future (ITU K).  
9/7/21, 9:03 AM
Attfield, S., & Baber, C. 2017, Elaborating the frames of data-frame theory. Paper presented at 13th International conference on Naturalistic Decision Making.  
6/18/23, 7:31 PM
Balzarini, R., & Jambon, F. 2018, From map to sky: An empirical study on visual strategies of expert pilots. Paper presented at Eye Tracking for Spatial Research, Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop.  
10/15/20, 4:15 PM
Barile, S., Saviano, M., Di Nauta, P., Caputo, F., Lettieri, M., & others. 2019, A systems based interpretative framework for approaching exaptation and bricolage in decision making and value co-creation. Paper presented at The 10 years Naples Forum on Service. Service Dominant Logic, Network and Systems Theory and Service Science: Integrating three Perspectives for a New Service Agenda.  
5/17/23, 4:33 PM
Benton, J., Smith, D. E., Kaneshige, J., Keely, L., & Stucky, T. 2018, Chap-e: A plan execution assistant for pilots.. Paper presented at ICAPS.  
10/15/20, 5:07 PM
Bertino, E., Calo, S., Toma, M., Verma, D., Williams, C., & Rivera, B. 2017, A cognitive policy framework for next-generation distributed federated systems: Concepts and research directions. Paper presented at 2017 IEEE 37th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS).  
6/12/23, 6:16 PM
Biediger, D., Mahadev, A., & Becker, A. T. 2019, Investigating the survivability of drone swarms with flocking and swarming flight patterns using virtual reality. Paper presented at 2019 IEEE 15th International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE).  
7/30/20, 8:30 AM
Blaha, L. M. 2018, Interactive ooda processes for operational joint human-machine intelligence. Paper presented at NATO IST-160 Specialist’s Meeting: Big Data and Military Decision Making.  
7/1/20, 10:10 AM
Borgefalk, G., & de Leon, N. 2019, The ethics of persuasive technologies in pervasive industry platforms: The need for a robust management and governance framework. Paper presented at International Conference on Persuasive Technology.  
9/21/20, 2:40 PM
Bosch, K., & Bronkhorst, A. 2018, Human-ai cooperation to benefit military decision making. Paper presented at Proceedings of the NATO IST-160 Specialist'meeting on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Military Decision Making, Bordeaux, F, 30 May-1 June 2018, S3-1/1-S3-1/12.  
6/29/20, 2:34 PM
Botschen, T., Sorokin, D., & Gurevych, I. 2018, Frame-and entity-based knowledge for common-sense argumentative reasoning. Paper presented at Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Argument Mining.  
9/26/22, 7:12 PM
Buisson, J., Belloir, N., & others. 2020, Digitalization in next generation c2: Research agenda from model-based engineering perspective. Paper presented at 2020 IEEE 15th International Conference of System of Systems Engineering (SoSE).  
12/6/21, 1:02 PM
Calegari, R., Omicini, A., & Sartor, G. 2020, Explainable and ethical ai: A perspective on argumentation and logic programming. Paper presented at International Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence.  
9/19/22, 2:23 PM
Chatzimparmpas, A., Martins, R. M., Jusufi, I., Kucher, K., Rossi, F., & Kerren, A. 2020, The state of the art in enhancing trust in machine learning models with the use of visualizations. Paper presented at Computer Graphics Forum.  
11/15/22, 1:29 PM
Chen, B., Wu, H., Mo, W., Chattopadhyay, I., & Lipson, H. 2018, Autostacker: A compositional evolutionary learning system. Paper presented at Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference.  
11/26/20, 2:24 AM
Churyumov, G., Tkachov, V., Tokariev, V., & Diachenko, V. 2018, Method for ensuring survivability of flying ad-hoc network based on structural and functional reconfiguration. Paper presented at Selected Papers of the XVIII International Scientific and Practical Conference {guillemotleft}Information Technologies and Security{guillemotright}(ITS 2018).  
3/7/22, 2:49 PM
Cirincione, G., & Verma, D. 2019, Federated machine learning for multi-domain operations at the tactical edge. Paper presented at Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Multi-Domain Operations Applications.  
1/12/21, 1:27 PM
Couceiro, M. S., Portugal, D., Ferreira, J. A. F., & Rocha, R. P. 2019, Semfire: Towards a new generation of forestry maintenance multi-robot systems. Paper presented at 2019 IEEE/SICE International Symposium on System Integration (SII).  
8/11/22, 11:48 AM
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