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Akama, S. (2014). Elements of quantum computing: History, theories and engineering applications. Springer International Publishing.  
6/11/20, 1:47 AM
Aliev, R. A., & Huseynov, O. H. (2014). Decision theory with imperfect information. World Scientific Publishing Company.  
6/24/20, 12:35 PM
Ars'enio, A., Serra, H., Francisco, R., Nabais, F., Andrade, J. A., & Serrano, E. (2014). Internet of intelligent things: Bringing artificial intelligence into things and communication networks. In Inter-cooperative collective intelligence: Techniques and applications (pp. 1–37). Springer.  
6/30/20, 8:41 AM
Barr, A., & Feigenbaum, E. A. (2014). The handbook of artificial intelligence: Volume 1. Elsevier Science.  
6/10/20, 4:26 PM
Bessis, N., & Dobre, C. (2014). Big data and internet of things: A roadmap for smart environments. Springer International Publishing.  
6/24/20, 4:22 PM
Blackford, R., & Broderick, D. (2014). Intelligence unbound: The future of uploaded and machine minds. Wiley.  
6/10/20, 7:51 PM
Boden, M. A. (2014). Creativity and artificial intelligence: A contradiction in terms. The philosophy of creativity: New essays, 224–246.  
12/12/22, 3:42 PM
Bostrom, N. (2014). Superintelligence: Paths, dangers, strategies. OUP Oxford.  
6/10/20, 9:42 PM
Bueger, C., & Gadinger, F. (2014). International practice theory: New perspectives. Palgrave Macmillan UK.  
6/12/20, 11:01 AM
Council, N. R., Sciences, D. E. P., Technology, B. A. S., & Operations, C. F. M. T. L. S. M. (2014). Force multiplying technologies for logistics support to military operations. National Academies Press.  
6/12/20, 10:07 AM
Curry, J., & Price, T. (2014). Matrix games for modern wargaming: Developments in professional and educational wargames innovations in wargaming-volume 2. History of Wargaming Project.  
10/23/22, 2:03 PM
Davenport, T. (2014). Big data at work: Dispelling the myths, uncovering the opportunities. Harvard Business Review Press.  
6/11/20, 9:32 AM
Dennett, D. C. (2014). Intuition pumps and other tools for thinking. W. W. Norton.  
6/12/20, 8:35 PM
Deptula, D. A. (2014). A new era for command and control of aerospace operations AIR UNIV MAXWELL AFB AL AIR FORCE RESEARCH INST.  
11/22/21, 2:21 PM
Duan, H., & Li, P. (2014). Bio-inspired computation in unmanned aerial vehicles. Springer Berlin Heidelberg.  
6/22/20, 12:56 PM
Dubois, D. J., Wellman, M. P., & D'Ambrosio, B. (2014). Uncertainty in artificial intelligence: Proceedings of the eighth conference (1992), july 17--19, 1992, eighth conference on uncertainty in artificial intelligence, stanford university. Elsevier Science.  
6/25/20, 10:52 AM
Frankish, K., & Ramsey, W. M. (2014). The cambridge handbook of artificial intelligence. Cambridge University Press.  
6/10/20, 4:59 PM
Gardenfors, P. (2014). The geometry of meaning: Semantics based on conceptual spaces. MIT Press.  
10/6/20, 12:51 PM
Gershenfeld, N. (2014). When things start to think: Integrating digital technology into the fabric of our lives. Henry Holt and Company.  
6/11/20, 9:42 AM
Giordano, J. (2014). Neurotechnology in national security and defense: Practical considerations, neuroethical concerns. Taylor & Francis.  
6/29/20, 11:24 AM
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