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Acton, J. M. (2018). Escalation through entanglement: How the vulnerability of command-and-control systems raises the risks of an inadvertent nuclear war. International Security, 43(1), 56–99.  
11/23/21, 1:56 PM
Ahmed, S., & Bajema, N. 2019. Artificial intelligence, china, russia, and the global order Technological, political, global, and creative perspectives. Air University Press. 158566295X.  
7/1/20, 12:25 PM
Albino, D. K., Friedman, K., Bar-Yam, Y., & Glenney IV, W. G. (2016). Military strategy in a complex world. arXiv preprint arXiv:1602.05670.  
1/7/22, 12:29 PM
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11/22/21, 2:35 PM
Alkire, B., LINGEL, S., Baxter, C., Carson, C. M., Chen, C., & Gordon, D., et al.. (2018). Command and control of joint air operations in the pacific: Methods for comparing and contrasting alternative concepts RAND PROJECT AIR FORCE SANTA MONICA CA SANTA MONICA United States.  
11/22/21, 2:30 PM
Allen, G. C. (2019). Understanding china's ai strategy: Clues to chinese strategic thinking on artificial intelligence and national security. Center for a New American Security Washington, DC.  
6/29/20, 1:44 PM
America, S. O. T. U. S. O., Commission, U. S. C. S. R., & Government, U. S. (2019). China's advanced weapons: Comprehensive analysis of military and space technologies, hypersonic, maneuverable re-entry vehicle, directed energy, electromagnetic-powered, and high energy lasers. Independently Published.  
6/25/20, 9:46 AM
Anderljung, M., Barnhart, J., Leung, J., Korinek, A., O'Keefe, C., & Whittlestone, J., et al.. (2023). Frontier ai regulation: Managing emerging risks to public safety. arXiv preprint arXiv:2307.03718.  
10/23/23, 5:28 PM
Baonan, W., Feng, H., Huanguo, Z., & Chao, W. (2019). From evolutionary cryptography to quantum artificial intelligent cryptography. Journal of Computer Research and Development, 56(10), 2112.  
7/12/21, 9:45 AM
Benedikter, R., & Nowotny, V. (2013). China’s road ahead: Problems, questions, perspectives. Springer New York.  
6/29/20, 11:20 AM
Bommakanti, K. (2020). Ai in the chinese military: Current initiatives and the implications for india. Observer Research Foundation.  
1/7/22, 10:49 AM
Booker, C. M. (2013). First-strike advantage: The united states' counter to china's preemptive integrated network electronic warfare strategy AIR UNIV MAXWELL AFB AL SCHOOL OF ADVANCED AIR AND SPACE STUDIES.  
8/17/21, 10:12 AM
Carlin, J. P., & Graff, G. M. (2019). Dawn of the code war: America's battle against russia, china, and the rising global cyber threat. PublicAffairs.  
6/25/20, 10:16 AM
CRONIN, D. P. M., & LEE, S. The us-rok alliance and the third offset strategy. JSTOR.  
2/2/21, 5:34 PM
Davis, Z. (2019). Artificial intelligence on the battlefield. PRISM, 8(2), 114–131.  
6/29/20, 1:02 PM
Der Derian, J., & Rollo, S. (2023). Quantum warfare. In Routledge Handbook of the Future of Warfare (pp. 319–329). Routledge.  
11/9/23, 9:31 PM
Ding, J., & Dafoe, A. (2023). Engines of power: Electricity, ai, and general-purpose, military transformations. European Journal of International Security, 8(3), 377–394.  
8/28/23, 5:33 PM
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10/12/21, 8:54 AM
Fischer, S.-C. (2018). Artificial intelligence: China’s high-tech ambitions. CSS Analyses in Security Policy, 220.  
6/30/20, 8:33 AM
Gill, A. S. (2019). Artificial intelligence and international security: The long view. Ethics & International Affairs, 33(2), 169–179.  
7/2/20, 12:45 PM
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