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Aggarwal, A., Chauhan, A., Kumar, D., Mittal, M., & Verma, S. (2020). Classification of fake news by fine-tuning deep bidirectional transformers based language model. EAI Endorsed Transactions on Scalable Information Systems Online First; EAI: Ghent, Belgium.  
10/28/20, 1:54 PM
Appleget, J., Kline, J., & Burks, R. (2020). Revamping wargaming education for the us department of defense. Naval Postgraduate School.  
9/26/22, 10:56 AM
Borgefalk, G., & de Leon, N. 2019, The ethics of persuasive technologies in pervasive industry platforms: The need for a robust management and governance framework. Paper presented at International Conference on Persuasive Technology.  
9/21/20, 2:40 PM
Boyd, J. R. (1987). The strategic game of? and. Slideshow. URL: http://dni. net/boyd/strategic_game. pdf [Online.  
10/5/21, 2:34 PM
Brazzoli, M. S. (2020). Future prospects of information warfare and particularly psychological operations. South African army vision, 217–232.  
9/20/21, 5:19 PM
Carlston, D. E. (2013). The oxford handbook of social cognition. OUP USA.  
6/25/20, 3:51 PM
Cohen, E. A. (2005). The historical mind and military strategy. Orbis, 49(4), 575–588.  
9/26/22, 11:02 AM
Curry, J. (2012). Peter perla's the art of wargaming: A guide for professionals and hobbyists. History of Wargaming Project.  
10/24/22, 10:28 AM
D"orner, D., & Meck, U. (2022). The red trousers: About confirmative thinking and perceptual defense in complex and uncertain domains of reality. Journal of Dynamic Decision Making, 1–14.  
10/23/22, 11:43 AM
Demir, M., McNeese, N. J., Johnson, C., Gorman, J. C., Grimm, D., & Cooke, N. J. 2019, Effective team interaction for adaptive training and situation awareness in human-autonomy teaming. Paper presented at 2019 IEEE Conference on Cognitive and Computational Aspects of Situation Management (CogSIMA).  
9/20/21, 2:37 PM
Duarte, J., Siegel, S., & Young, L. (2012). Trust and credit: The role of appearance in peer-to-peer lending. The Review of Financial Studies, 25(8), 2455–2484.  
11/16/22, 4:03 PM
Dzindolet, M. T., Peterson, S. A., Pomranky, R. A., Pierce, L. G., & Beck, H. P. (2003). The role of trust in automation reliance. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 58(6), 697–718.  
11/18/22, 12:43 PM
Elder, L. G. R. R. J., & Engr, D. (2021). Maneuver in military operations. NSI.  
10/12/21, 8:54 AM
Ferrari, M., Weststrate, N. M., & Petro, A. (2013). Stories of wisdom to live by: Developing wisdom in a narrative mode. In The scientific study of personal wisdom (pp. 137–164). Springer.  
10/21/22, 3:55 PM
Finkel, M. (2020). On flexibility. Stanford University Press.  
10/25/21, 1:53 PM
Fisher, W. R. (1984). Narration as a human communication paradigm: The case of public moral argument. Communications Monographs, 51(1), 1–22.  
10/24/22, 11:13 AM
Fogg, B. J. (2002). Persuasive technology: Using computers to change what we think and do. Ubiquity, 2002(December), 2.  
8/20/22, 1:07 PM
Fogg, B., Cuellar, G., & Danielson, D. (2002). Motivating, influencing, and persuading users. The human-computer interaction handbook: fundamentals, evolving technologies and emerging applications, L. Erlbaum Associates Inc., Hillsdale, NJ.  
9/21/20, 6:42 PM
Garcia, P., Darroch, F., West, L., & BrooksCleator, L. (2020). Ethical applications of big data-driven ai on social systems: Literature analysis and example deployment use case. Information, 11(5), 235.  
9/21/20, 12:29 PM
George, A. L. (1969). The" operational code": A neglected approach to the study of political leaders and decision-making. International studies quarterly, 13(2), 190–222.  
8/10/21, 10:56 AM
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