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Aggarwal, A., Chauhan, A., Kumar, D., Mittal, M., & Verma, S. (2020). Classification of fake news by fine-tuning deep bidirectional transformers based language model. EAI Endorsed Transactions on Scalable Information Systems Online First; EAI: Ghent, Belgium.  
10/28/20, 1:54 PM
Bender, E. A. (1996). Mathematical methods in artificial intelligence. IEEE Computer Society Press.  
1/25/22, 10:26 AM
Bentley, M. J. (2017). Enabling air force satellite ground system automation through software engineering AIR FORCE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY WRIGHT-PATTERSON AFB OH WRIGHT-PATTERSON~….  
7/8/22, 9:46 AM
Blasch, E., Schuck, T., & Gagne, O. B. (2021). Trusted entropy-based information maneuverability for ai information systems engineering. In Engineering Artificially Intelligent Systems (pp. 34–52). Springer.  
7/21/22, 10:16 AM
D"orner, D. (1990). The logic of failure. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. B, Biological Sciences, 327(1241), 463–473.  
2/17/21, 10:11 AM
D"orner, D. (1996). The logic of failure: Recognizing and avoiding error in complex situations. Perseus Books.  
3/24/22, 6:55 PM
Devlin, J., Chang, M.-W., Lee, K., & Toutanova, K. (2018). Bert: Pre-training of deep bidirectional transformers for language understanding. arXiv preprint arXiv:1810.04805.  
10/28/20, 4:47 PM
Dubey, R., & Griffiths, T. L. (2020). Understanding exploration in humans and machines by formalizing the function of curiosity. Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 35, 118–124.  
1/3/23, 10:50 AM
Fogg, B. J. (2002). Persuasive technology: Using computers to change what we think and do. Ubiquity, 2002(December), 2.  
8/20/22, 1:07 PM
Friston, K. J., Lin, M., Frith, C. D., Pezzulo, G., Hobson, J. A., & Ondobaka, S. (2017). Active inference, curiosity and insight. Neural computation, 29(10), 2633–2683.  
1/3/23, 10:41 AM
Gadepally, V. N., Hancock, B. J., Greenfield, K. B., Campbell, J. P., Campbell, W. M., & Reuther, A. I. (2016). Recommender systems for the department of defense and intelligence community. Lincoln Laboratory Journal, 22(1), 74–89.  
12/11/22, 1:33 PM
Garcia, P., Darroch, F., West, L., & BrooksCleator, L. (2020). Ethical applications of big data-driven ai on social systems: Literature analysis and example deployment use case. Information, 11(5), 235.  
9/21/20, 12:29 PM
Gesing, B., Peterson, S. J., & Michelsen, D. (2018). Artificial intelligence in logistics. A collaborative report by DHL and IBM on implications and use cases for the logistics industry. Troisdorf: DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation.  
10/4/21, 10:58 AM
Gottlieb, J., & Oudeyer, P.-Y. (2018). Towards a neuroscience of active sampling and curiosity. Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 19(12), 758–770.  
1/3/23, 10:24 AM
Grieves, M., & Vickers, J. (2017). Digital twin: Mitigating unpredictable, undesirable emergent behavior in complex systems. Transdisciplinary perspectives on complex systems: New findings and approaches, 85–113.  
2/8/23, 10:35 AM
Halina, M. (2020). Insightful artificial intelligence. Mind & Language, 36(2), 315–329.  
12/12/22, 10:35 AM
Hogg, D. R. (1993). Correlation of forces: The quest for a standardized model ARMY COMMAND AND GENERAL STAFF COLL FORT LEAVENWORTH KS SCHOOL OF ADVANCED~….  
3/24/22, 6:42 PM
Horowitz, M. C., Scharre, P., & Velez-Green, A. (2019). A stable nuclear future? the impact of autonomous systems and artificial intelligence. arXiv preprint arXiv:1912.05291.  
3/22/22, 2:10 PM
Horvitz, E. 2022, On the horizon: Interactive and compositional deepfakes. Paper presented at Proceedings of the 2022 International Conference on Multimodal Interaction.  
3/16/23, 7:18 PM
Huerta, E. A., Khan, A., Davis, E., Bushell, C., Gropp, W. D., & Katz, D. S., et al.. (2020). Convergence of artificial intelligence and high performance computing on nsf-supported cyberinfrastructure. Journal of Big Data, 7(1), 1–12.  
12/11/22, 1:45 PM
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