Project Description


The Sakurajima grid is modeled to represent the stratovolcano known as Sakurajima (Japanese: 桜島, literally “Cherry Blossom Island”). Sakurajima started as an island but it is now a peninsula in Kagoshima Prefecture in Kyushu, Japan. The lava flows of the 1914 eruption connected it with the Ōsumi Peninsula. It is the most active volcano in Japan. Grid visitors to virtual Sakurajima can explore the area via the Windsong yacht anchored offshore from the island. On the island visitors can learn about Shintoism and explore a representative shrine and neighboring gardens. An electronic Ema board is offered nearby for visitors to use. There is also an Edo-period village (named in honor of Shirakawa-go) offering many attractions to visitors including a recreated version of the Byodo-in temple (Phoenix Hall with both annex wings), a Shin-hanga art studio, Onsen hot springs, and traditional Japanese markets.

Virtual Harmony’s Sakurajima grid is designed to nurture ikigai (reason to live) through a sense of community, beauty of simple details, and surroundings ideal for reflections on spirituality. Five ikigai foundations for living a life with purpose are highlighted in Sakurajima: discovering what sparks your soul and leading a life with purpose in small steps, accepting yourself, connecting with others and nature in harmonious ways, finding joy in the little things of life, and being present in each moment and place. The Virtual Harmony community also developed an Oculus app (Walden Pathways Through The Metaverse) that highlights Sakurajima with activities for learning about ikigai.

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